A Call for Artists from the Richeson School of Art and Gallery!

The Richeson School of Art & Gallery is booking group and individual artist shows for the rest of 2013. If your group and/or artists are interested, please contact Rachel Kramer, Gallery Director at  artschool@richesonart.com

Looks like a great opportunity for our members or even potentially for the group to organize a show?

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January 11th Fox Cities Artists Meet and Greet!

Join us for a laid back social evening and an opportunity to meet other local artists and talk about the future of the Fox Artists Group moving forward. Stop by the unique office of Sturtevant & Associates in Neenah to gather with other Fox Cities Artists members to get to know each other, share a piece of your artwork to display, and discuss the future direction of the group! Susan Zolkowski-Kirk and Steve Sturtevant have graciously offered to host the group in their unique office space which is inside of a renovated train station!

Bring a piece of your artwork to share with the group. There will be refreshments provided for the group.

Friday Jan 11th @ 6PM
Sturtevant & Associates
500 N Commercial Street Ste. A
Neenah, Wisconsin

Please RSVP by emailing susan@dankirk.com

You can find out more info about the event and an invite on the Fox Cities Artists facebook group page too!


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Time to Design a Logo!

We would like to invite everyone and anyone who has some ideas to submit them to me via email at jdlartwerks@gmail.com  We are all artists so designing a logo shouldn’t be that hard to do right? Let’s get some submissions for the next meeting. It will be especially appropriate as this will be our “group kick off” as well.
Here are a couple of pointers about designing a logo that you should consider:

Think about the scale of your design and how it would look in multiple size formats. It might look good printed in a larger size, but will it still be easily readable and recognizable when it’s small too? Like on a business card? or newspaper ad, or a small sticker?

Try and stick to single color or non-gradients. Something hand drawn or painted might be interesting, but difficult to scale up or translate to a digital file. Single, separated colors are easier to deal with for printing.

Ask yourself if the logo is something you would associate with the name of the group. That could be a landmark or icon that people associated with the Fox Cities. Something that alludes to artists, etc.

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Find us on facebook too!

We are also on facebook!  Search for “Fox Cities Artists” to find us.  There you can see who else is in the group, invite friends who may be interested in joining, and discuss issues pertaining to the group.  Event listings and other info is posted there as well.

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FCA Goals and Policies

Our Goals:

The purpose of starting this group is to gather and engage local artists in networking and to promote the arts in the Fox Cities Area.  Though there are some great things happening in the Arts out there like the Trout Museum, the PAC, the Oshkosh Gallery Walk, etc, we feel as if the arts don’t have enough visibility in the community.  We would like to change that.

Fox Cities Artists  would like to stress that this is a group by artists and for artists.  We don’t want to get “too big for our britches” and focus our efforts and time on activities and endeavors that suit our members and our purpose best without taking up an excessive amount of your time.  We realize that you all have your own personal lives, jobs, families, and other obligations.  We will strive to keep our agenda and the amount of activities and responsibilities we take on manageable and reasonable, so that no member feels as if what began as a fun commitment begins to feel like “work”.  Fox Cities Artists should be a networking and social club first and foremost meant to serve artists and assist in their professional development. We would like to start off small and build and grow as we deem necessary and within our capabilities.

Group activities we have discussed include:

  • Group trips to local and regional events such as Gallery Openings, Gallery Walks,             museum exhibitions, art fairs, etc.
  • Organizing and putting on biannual or quarterly group shows for member artists
  • Group critique sessions
  • Group “studio nights” where we gather and work on our own individual artwork in a group setting.
  • Social gatherings at local coffee houses, restaurants, and bars.

Our Mission Statement:

To strengthen and support a lively visual arts presence in the Fox Cities Area and expose the community at large to the Visual Arts.

We exist to:

  • Create networking opportunities and increase fellowship between local artists.
  • Encourage and assist our fellow artists in their professional development.
  • Identify and create opportunities for the exhibition of art in the Fox Cities Area.

New Member Acceptance Policy:

In the spirit of getting this group launched FCA feels that there should be no jurying process for joining the Fox Cities Artists.  However there will be a process for jurying entries that art submitted to group shows to insure that FCA is representing our talents well.

Fox Cities Artists feels strongly that “original art” should be a requirement of this group, and that art which leans to heavily towards “craft” should not be considered.  It should be evident that a creative and artistic process is inherent in the creation of the work.  Artwork like jewelry making, pottery, glass work, etc. is certainly welcome but should be primarily hand made, and not from a kit.  We want to focus our efforts on promoting original fine art.

Artists who work with the following Visual Art mediums are welcome to join:

Mixed Media
Digital Art
Jewelry Making

Fox Cities Artist would like to define the geographic area for its membership to include Appleton, Oshkosh, Fon du lac, and the surrounding suburbs and smaller towns.

Student Members are also welcome to join Fox Cities Artists.

Membership Dues and Management of Group Funds:

 An annual Membership Fee of $10 will be collected at this time but Fox Cities Artists may revisit the cost of dues at a later date in the future should the scope of our group require higher operating costs (such as expenses for holding events, advertising and promotion, etc)

The only proposed group expense at this time will likely be the creation and hosting of a upgraded website with a dedicated url (more on that below).  Paying your initial annual dues will make you a “card carrying member” and you will be added to the website officially.

Any additional funds can be used as determined by the group for purposes such as advertising (for events), food or drinks at meetings, etc.

Fox Cities Artists would like to establish a group treasurer and create a bank account for the group for any additional funds to be held in.

Leadership Positions:

Fox Cities Artists would like to establish the following positions of leadership:

Vice President

Once we have our initial membership roster formed we should then take nominations for positions, and then vote on each position.  Each position will have a term of one year.  Specific duties of these positions will be further discussed and voted upon.  There does not necessarily need to be someone running against a position for it to be filled either.  If no one runs for the position then the sole nominee will be appointed.

 Foxcitiesartists.com Website:

We feel strongly that getting a web presence established is important.  We live in a digital age and readily accessible information is key to getting the word out about what you are doing.  Fortunately www.foxcitiesartists.com is available!  While the page you are reading now is a start, we feel it is more advantageous to have a website with a dedicated url and more customization capabilities then this blog can offer.  We would like this website to feature the following:

  1. A list of Fox Cities Artists members that includes, name, artistic medium, contact info, and a link to personal facebook pages, websites, or photo albums such as flickr and a single artwork image.  While we would like to expand this to include a gallery of images for artists in the future, we think an important first step is simply getting a list of artists up.
  1. A list of art galleries, organizations, and “Art Friendly” coffee houses, restaurants, businesses, and other venues that are recommended in approaching to display artwork.
  1. An events Calendar for local and regional art showings.  We would like this to include solo shows, group shows, museum exhibits, and any art related event taking place in the Fox Cities Area.

Hosting fees for a year (if paid upfront) come out to $98 through godaddy.com’s word press hosting services.  In order to cover this cost FCA would like to establish a $10 annual dues fee, primarily to cover the website hosting cost.  And to make it simple, once you contribute your $10 you will be added to the website.

Please Note:  This is a rough draft of the proposed group By Laws which will be reviewed and voted upon during our upcoming meetings in Nov. and Dec.

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Important Up Coming Meetings to Finalize the Formation of the Group!

Since May of this year we have been holding meetings in the Appleton and Menasha area with local artists and we have had a good opportunity to network, gauge interest in the formation of an artist group, and discuss goals and policies for the group.  Each meeting has brought out new faces and continued enthusiasm over the prospect of starting an artist group in the area.  The next step is taking action!

Our plan is to review the initial by laws which have been proposed at our next meeting on November 10th, and on December 8th we will finalize the by laws, take a vote on them, and formally launch the group!

These meetings will take place on the following dates and times:

Sat. Nov 10th

10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Shellatte’s Coffee

330 N. Commercial St.

Neenah, WI  54956

Sat Dec 8th

10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Shellatte’s Coffee

330 N. Commercial St

Neenah, WI 54956

If you are interested in finding out more about the group please email: jdlartwerks@gmail.com

If you plan on attending please RSVP to the email address listed above so we can have an accurate idea of who will be attending.

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What is Fox Cities Artists?

What is Fox Cities Artists?

The Fox Cities Artists is a group of artists centered around the Appleton, Oshkosh, Fon du lac, and surrounding communities that make up the Fox Cities Area of Wisconsin.  Seeing a great need for a means of gathering the Visual Arts community of the area at large and promote the arts, we have decided to form a new group by artists and for artists.

Our Mission Statement:

To Strengthen and support a lively visual arts presence in the Fox Cities Area and expose the community at large to the Visual Arts.

We exist to:

  • Create networking opportunities and increase fellowship between local artists.
  •  Encourage and assist our fellow artists in their professional development.
  •  Identify and create opportunities for the exhibition of art in the Fox Cities Area.

Interested in finding out more about the Fox Cities Artists or joining?

Please email jdldartwerks@gmail.com

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