Time to Design a Logo!

We would like to invite everyone and anyone who has some ideas to submit them to me via email at jdlartwerks@gmail.com  We are all artists so designing a logo shouldn’t be that hard to do right? Let’s get some submissions for the next meeting. It will be especially appropriate as this will be our “group kick off” as well.
Here are a couple of pointers about designing a logo that you should consider:

Think about the scale of your design and how it would look in multiple size formats. It might look good printed in a larger size, but will it still be easily readable and recognizable when it’s small too? Like on a business card? or newspaper ad, or a small sticker?

Try and stick to single color or non-gradients. Something hand drawn or painted might be interesting, but difficult to scale up or translate to a digital file. Single, separated colors are easier to deal with for printing.

Ask yourself if the logo is something you would associate with the name of the group. That could be a landmark or icon that people associated with the Fox Cities. Something that alludes to artists, etc.

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